Monday, February 16, 2009

No-Poo Challenge, Day 8

I poo-ed.

The thing I learned by doing this is that if I ever needed to, I could do this. Thing is, I don't need to right now. I am pumping my body full of Slim-Fast...not a health food there and I use deodorant and lotion. I probably wouldn't have quit, even for those reasons, if it hadn't been for the visiting of a good family friend from out of town. I just didn't want to cover my head without conviction or suffer through the evening with oily hair. So I washed it. Thus ends the no-poo challenge.

BTW, still working on that post you should have already read, but I'm packing my bedroom today, so it'll have to wait...less than two weeks to go before we move!

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Mary said...

I have watched for each post with great intrest. Wwwaaaayyyy back many years ago, we didn't use shampoo at all. My parents were hippies, we had no artifical products in the house at all. We even wore shoes made of hemp. Which by the time I was in highschool in 1980, was not cool at all! lol Now though, I don't think I could have lasted as long as you did. You're right, I think the first couple of weeks would be the worst. Good for you for making it that far, and thanks for talking the time to post it all!