Thursday, July 31, 2008

Modest Comfort

Today was the first day since beginning my "dresses/skirts" only philosophy that I have worn a pair of pants even when I had skirts clean. I was planning on wearing a skirt, in fact, I even ironed it. I was excited about it. But, I delayed getting ready (my biggest problem in the morning is just starting my morning) and so it was evening by the time I was getting dressed for the day. I was headed to Wal-Mart to buy a particular dress pattern and hopefully some cheap fabric to go with it. The dress pattern looks like it will make an easy day/work dress and if I use a light material, I can also wear it as a full-slip, which is something I have been looking at getting anyway. In fact, I will probably purchase some silky material soon to make a white version with lace across the top, which will show out of some of my shirts, keeping me modest and still pretty! Anyway, that's really the point. The point is, that I put on clothing that I would normally have thrown on and I felt so awful the whole time! I was self-conscious about my clothing, particularly how tight my jeans were. I always end up staring at [large] women who wear tight clothing and still seem somehow oblivious that every dip and pucker shows through the relatively thick denim material that is so popular.

Last night, we picked Mom up at the airport and I chose to wear my long brown skirt. At the airport bathroom, I was able to clearly see myself for the first time because they have a full-length mirror. I admit that my reflection didn't look as well as I have been picturing but nevertheless, I felt less self-conscious wearing a long-flowing skirt than I did wearing pants to Wal-Mart. I hope that this dress pattern is easy to sew and looks decent. I am really looking forward to getting some different dresses. The hardest part is picking a material that is going to look pleasant and still be sturdy or finding something that covers me well while still being pretty. Choosing fabric is difficult and I have a feeling that I am going to need a lot of yards for each dress, so I will need to be extra careful to pick only fabrics that are on that's a challenge!!! I should set a standard that I will never pay more than $5.00 a yard for any fabric. Denim and "bottom-weights" tend to be expensive, but they usually go on sale frequently. Finding the right mix should prove to be an exciting challenge for me. More than anything, I hope that Eric likes the new wardrobe and gets used to it easily. Dresses and skirts really are more comfortable than pants.

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