Sunday, March 15, 2009

Upcoming Posts

Sunday is here and we are off searching for a new church to go to, so I don't have much time. HOWEVER, I did want to mention that I have a couple of posts in the works...let me know which you'd like to see first:

*The Heart of Modesty- the relationship between the internal and the external

*What the Bible Really says about Modesty and Dress

*Die, Divide, Debate, or Decide- how we value different elements of doctrine and the logical consequences

*Church or Chapel- choosing a church to make home


Okay...we are off and running!!! Gotta go with them...


Mary said...

Die, Divide, Debate, or Decide would be my choice when you have a moment to catch your breath!

LaJuan Marks said...

Hi - This is LaJuan Marks. We were just wondering where in Coloeado y'all have moved. We are in Evergreen at the moment. Also are praying that you find a church for your family. Can you e-mail us back at your convenience -
God's blessings - LaJuan