Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I rarely make New Year's resolutions...okay, so I mention the million different things I would like to change and I may even make up a very pretty chart detailing how I am going to change...and I am done changing by January 2nd! This year, I am doing things a little differently.

I am setting goals, which isn't the different part. I want to lose a significant amount of weight (60-70 pounds by this summer and I want to begin to try to get pregnant upon reaching a sustainable weight (170 pounds). I figure that I can get pretty close, losing about 10 pounds a month for 6 months...and I'll be at 170 around March or April. I always bite off more than I can chew, so these are the steps I am going to travel to get there (I will be posting this to my other website, FISH, Finally I'm Seeking Health later):

Jan: drink 8 glasses of water/day
eat one serving raw veggies and one raw fruit/day
workout with husband Mon-Sat at the gym for one hour. This is just about the only "quality time" we get- looking forward to it!

Feb: look for new recipes especially for vegetables
institute a vegetarian night
find time during the day for a small workout (ie. walk with kids, trampoline...)

Mar: add another vegetarian night
try new foods
change the workout routine, add a new exercise
look back and see how far I've come and how good I feel

Apr: begin to choose organic food
look for ways to work more in the home, cleaning thoroughly as exercise (gardening too!)

May: try something new
buy new clothes

June: congratulate myself with a dress form in my new size!

The other thing I have decided to do is to cover my head for the month of January. I already have covers and the thing is, I just haven't found enough proof to feel like I shouldn't do it. I keep telling myself it's not necessary, but why do I keep coming back to it? It doesn't take much, it doesn't hurt, it helps keep my hair out of my face (which is something I can't stand anyway!) So, my goal is to attempt it for a solid month and re-evaluate from there.

Other random things:
-I want to create a reading list, which I will post on the blog, with the assorted books I want to read this year. I will probably only pick about 20, even though I know I can read more than that
-I want to continue writing my novel(s). They are fun to write.
-I recently began a journal for my son and daughter and I want to "back-date" them with information from their younger years.
-I want to become a more proficient seamstress. I love sewing.

See, no resolutions here! :) 

Look for more posts soon, my daughter has been ill and I think I might be getting a little bit of it- the head feels very fuzzy right now, just no mental clarity or ability to think or concentrate.

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