Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, that's what I get when practicing in my blog- a phantom post. I just love looking at Mary's blog and seeing my own link. It makes me feel so special! However, when I popped over today I was surprised to see the post I had deleted. Apparently, if you post anything, the RSS feeder will update, but it isn't updating your blog, it is updating your "posts" so deleting a post didn't register. Oh well.


Mary said...

Ya learn something new every day! LOL. I had a problem with the blogroll thing not updating the posts, although it did update the date and time the blog was updated. I eventually had to delete the whole thing and do it again. Works fine now!

THanks for the mention on your blog!

Rose said...

Nothing to do with your post.
Just wanted to say Hi. I've not been around for a while but i've just logged on so thought i'd pop over to say Hi!!!