Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Not Blogging Break

I am not taking a blogging break. I hate it when bloggers that I love take a break and leave me, their loyal reader, without my favorite fix! :) Obviously, I understand that blogging just doesn't come first for some people and, if you twist my arm hard enough, I might even agree that it is wrong to put a blog first, but stop twisting already, I am feeling guilty enough!

The plan that I am hoping to follow is a simple reduction in the time I spend on the computer, reducing it to only TWO HOURS A DAY. Think I can manage it? I don't either, but I have to. For too long, I have been stalking blogs, waiting for them to post something new so I can read it. I have taken to reading archives of my favorite blogs to see what happened before I found them. The problem is, the computer doesn't make for a good multi-tasker, at least not when it comes to housework. Not too long ago, I posted pictures of my perfectly clean's not clean anymore! How pathetic? Can't even last a month? Granted, it is better than before, but not by much...

So, the deal I am making with myself is one hour during naptime and another hour in the evening. I will even splurge and allow myself an extra evening hour if I have everything done. I have a never-ending pile of sewing that I want to sew and yet the computer just absorbs me. It has to stop. I know that I can still enjoy things like TV and blogging, but they have to be in the correct order, they have to come after the productive hobbies.

Well, there you have it. And now on to clean up the living room before hubby comes in for the night!

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Rose said...

I agree. Blogging can sometimes take over your life.
I just love reading about everyones day and what they get upto etc..etc..
Today i am relaxing?? so for me no guilt being on the computer. I'm entitled to it...blah blah blah
Just found your blog. Very interesting. I'm off to read more. Just thought i'd say Hi