Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Yet again, I am not doing this on Monday, but it is really the beginning of the week for me because of my strange schedule. If you like this idea, you can get all the information here.


Outside my window...a storm has been coming and going the last few days. Its frosty and frozen out, but then the sun comes out and melts it. Even though it is after 8:00am, the sun is still struggling to make its presence known.

I am thinking...about making radical lifestyle changes, slowly but surely; starting with a lesser dependence on electricity and working toward Biblical agrarianism.

I am thankful for...my husband. These last few days, he has gone back to his job of installation and it has been a difficult adjustment. He has been struggling and yet he goes and faces the giants every single day. He makes me very proud.

From the kitchen...hmm…consideration about dinner before the dinner hour? I might just make meatloaf, with mashed potatoes and cheese smothered on top of the cooked loaf. I make a double batch and cook it in a 9 x 13 dish so you get equal amount of cheese and meatloaf. This is my mom’s recipe and has lots of BBQ sauce in and on it (the secret to her success). This is one of my husband’s favorite meals and it’s super easy because I can make it ahead of time and just pop it in the fridge to wait for an hour before dinner. Yum…maybe I will post the recipe later!

I am wearing…my PJs…again, still. I plan on getting in the shower in the next few minutes. [Mental note: I need a better plan for the morning…] I will wear my long khaki skirt and a pink tunic shirt. I need to wear extra long shirts with that skirt because I put in a snap-fly and I didn’t do it properly so now it gapes open when I move. Most of my long shirts cover it, but I am looking forward to either losing weight and/or replacing it.

I am creating…my fall and winter wardrobe, still. I have enough material to make a complete wardrobe because my trip to Goodwill did not produce anything for a plus-sized woman. When I am done sewing, I will have 5 dresses, 3 skirts, and a brown corduroy jacket. I also bought material for matching outfits for our family for a nice Christmas picture, which I still haven’t made. Looks like I am going to select a few fabrics and vacuum seal the rest into bags for later storage. (I am getting more “SpaceSaver” bags and cubes for this purpose…I love those things-they are better than plastic storage containers for soft stuff)

I am going…to do some essentials shopping and then cleaning the bathroom and master bedroom, plus laundry…always doing laundry!

I am reading…my King James Bible, in Genesis. I love how this book comes alive for me. I always thought of it as a “boring” book- but I love it this time through!!!

I am praying…for my husband’s strength on the job and that our move will go smoothly. We still don’t have a date when we can move. I praise the Lord that our house has an offer and we are only waiting on our bank to approve the short sale. We are very short on funds and my dd Jordyn has a dentist appointment on the 13th to fix all of her teeth.

I am hearing…the sound of my washing machine spin the clothing. The freezer filling the automatic ice cube tray, the constant noises. Of course, the TV is on, but if it were off, I would still have music playing in the background. I found a new book I want to purchase called Hymns for a Kid’s Heart, which includes a CD of children singing the old hymns. Since I don’t know any of these hymns (except a few of the major ones), I really want to get my kids interested in singing them.

Around the house…the boxes need to be packed, but there is always the question of what to pack ahead of time and how to deal with the boxes once they’ve been packed. We do need to begin to pack in earnest though. Once the bank approves the sale, we will have 20 days to close escrow!

One of my favorite things…is the light from a lantern at night. It is so calming and nice. It really feels restful to walk into a semi-dark room. I could do without those noisy energy safe lights!

A few plans for the week…I plan to get some sewing done, really! I also want to get this house completely cleaned up so that I can be very careful and size-conscious about how I pack, we have a very limited amount of space…. ooh, I also want to prep some of our larger items for sale, like our gi-normous TV entertainment center.

A picture I am sharing...Noah eating snow...and not liking it.

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